The Facts

  • ¬†Since 1980, over 40 million girls are missing in India. “Missing” means eliminated either through abortion, neglect or murder.
  • Although sex-selected abortion is illegal in India, every month 50,000 female fetuses are selectively aborted.
  • The driving force behind these staggering numbers is dowry.¬†Although the government banned dowry nearly 50 years ago, the law is mostly ignored.
  • The states of Punjab and Haryana have the highest number of abortions every year.
  • 11 million children are abandoned in India every year, 90% of these children are girls.
  • Unique home in Jalandhar, Punjab is raising about 60 abandoned girls. They are being cared for by Bibi Prakash Kaur, who was herself left on the streets as a baby 60 years ago.


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